Catering Services in Delhi NCR
Catering Services in Delhi NCR

Terms & Conditions

DJ & Decoration

DJ & Decoration 20% payment at the time of booking 60%payment should made at least seven days prior to the function and the balance 20% payment before starting of the buffer.
DJ & Decoration The expected number of guests should be intimated at least seven days prior from the date of the function.
DJ & Decoration The management keeps a reasonable 5%to 10% margin for the excess guest above the number of guests confirmed and the bill for such guests is charged accordingly .In case of cancellation the advance amount would not be refunded.
DJ & Decoration The food is prepared in order specifically for the number of guests confirmed by the host .no rebate or refund will be given, if less number of guests attend the party.
DJ & Decoration Although efforts are made to accommodate any number of additional guests, the management will not be held responsible in anyway. if any item of the food fall short due to the additional guests, at this conditions also the extra plates after the minimum guarantee would be charged as per plate rate according to your menu.
DJ & Decoration The item of the party menu should be clearly indicated at the time of booking However , if any alteration or substitution in the menu is desired it should be communicated atleast seven days prior from the function.
DJ & Decoration Guests are responsible for their belongings and the management shall not be responsible for any loss of there belongings .
DJ & Decoration Consumption of Alcohol is guest's own responsibility and for this ,they must acquire L-49A Licence along with the total Liquor Bill purchased from Authorized Delhi Liquor shop positively at the site of function .One responsible person should be at Bar counter from host site and service would be started only after the above conditions are fulfilled.
DJ & Decoration Stewards service is not allowed outside the premises .
DJ & Decoration Snacks, chaat,juices,Mocktails ,fresh fruits and dines will be served from 7:30pm to 12:00pm only buffet would be open latest by 09:00pmTill 12:30 midnight.
DJ & Decoration Any changes and any additional by you in the menu card in your handwriting is not valid.
DJ & Decoration 12 Minimum guarantee can not be reduced once the booking is done and if it is reduced it will increase the rate per plate.
DJ & Decoration Customer is bound to minimum pay the fix amount if anything happened due to the natural calamities (Such as rain,fire,heavy winds, earth quake etc.)
DJ & Decoration Sharing of plate shall not be allowed. Carrying of fire arms shall not be allowed in the premises.
DJ & Decoration I agree with the terms and conditions.

DJ & Decoration
Catering Services in Delhi NCR